“What Does A Day In The Life Of A Trader Look Like?”

Ever imagine what a day in the life of a trader looks like?

Let me walk you through it!

So, one of the best things about trading in the Forex Market is that it’s open 24-hours!

The reason for this is that there are different sessions: Tokyo, Sydney, my favourite time to trade – the London session, and Trump’s favourite time to tweet, the New York session.

Having multiple sessions allows us to easily adjust our trading schedule according to our personal or professional obligations.

Personally, I like waking up at around 6:00-7:00 am and getting my day started early.

At around 7:00am, the first thing I do is grab myself a freshly brewed cup of coffee, then start reading news about finance or the economy.

After that I get into what I call my “Deep Work” state around 8:00-11:00am.

My husband and kids know they SHOULDN’T disturb me during that time because I spend most of my energy focusing on work during that 3-hour period.

I usually clock out at around 11:05am.

Then after that, it’s whatever I want to do for the day.

…Run a couple of errands?

…Head to the gym?

…Meet up with my friends for afternoon coffee?

…Spend time with the kids?

…Or even sleep all day!

Yup, 11:05 onwards is time I spend for myself, the people I love, and the things that make me happy.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I get to do this now instead of my regular 9-5 many years back!

Anyway, I still check my phone a couple of minutes at night to see my open trades, see if any of my orders have been activated, or if any or my trades have been closed at a profit or if stop losses need to be readjusted.

But you get the gist, right?

Just a few hours of dedicated work, and more time for things that make you genuinely happy.

With the Wealthy Woman group, our analysts sends trades at different times of the day.

So long as you have your notifications on, you will see them come in and activate them into your trading account accordingly.

The great thing about trading is how flexible it is.

Like I said before, you can easily adjust it based on your personal or professional obligations.

For example, working the graveyard shift and still have access to your phone during that time? Then trade the Tokyo session between 12:00am – 9:00am GMT.

You’re a stay-at-home mum and would love to get your work done while the kids are in school? Trade the London session at 8:00am – 4:00pm GMT.

There’s a session somewhere in the world available for everyone, no matter what your personal schedule looks like.

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