“Demo vs. Live Trading. What’s Better For Beginners?”

Whether your trading or investing for the long term, learning how to control your emotions is one of the best skills you could ever master.

Your mental conditioning plays an important role in whether or not you succeeds in the financial market. 

And just a fun fact, this skill is so vital that you can take actual courses on Trading Psychology in different universities around the globe.

So why am I bringing this up?

Well, because I have seen a lot of newbies develop a false sense of confidence by trading in demo accounts for weeks, months, or even years.

The problem here is that demo accounts are not real. When you win trades, your brain gets overstimulated into thinking – “Hey, I could have won xx today if I used my money”.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, you feel nothing when you lose demo trades because all you lost is fake digital currency.

Do this enough times over the course of weeks and months and all of a sudden you’ve become a trader who doesn’t know how to adjust your risk appetite – which could ultimately mess up your decision-making process once you start trading with real money.

An example of this is when demo account-trained beginners close a profitable trade too early because they don’t want to risk the trade turning into a loss.

Or when losing trades are kept far too long in hopes it will pull back up to a profitable trade again.

This is a direct result of poor trading psychology.

Which is why here at Wealthy Woman, one of the first things we teach our community members is proper risk-management strategies and disciplined trading psychology.

We do that by having you guys start off with a real account.

This way, your mind is trained how to react to different market situations.

And once you’ve mastered that, emotional trading decisions will be less of a factor to your success / failure.

Our members have mastered the art of implementing proper risk management strategies simply by following the Wealthy Woman Trading Blueprint. 

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