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Trading Accelerator

Module 1 – Introduction to Trading & Investing

This is our introduction to trading and investing. During this lesson, you’ll learn the order of operations to growing and building your Trading Knowledge & Competency on solid, sustainable foundations. Please Be Aware That Trading Carries A Risk & Without They Correct Education, You Can Lose Money. 

  • Welcome to Lesson 1
  • The Best Business Model in The World
  • The Order Of Operation
  • 7 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Trade
  • What Is Forex?
  • What Do Forex Traders Trade?
  • What Are Currencies?
  • What Are Currency Pairs?
  • Forex Versus. Stocks
  • What Are Pips?
  • Lots, Leverage & Profits
  • How to Trade in A Bear Market
  • How To Trade The Market: 3 Ways?
  • Managing Risk
  • Crystal-Clear Strategies


Module 2 – Trading Psychology

Not only is psychology one of the most important components of trading education, it is also one of the least studied among new traders. It is wise to head the advice and wisdom put forth in this lesson.

  • Trading Mindset
  • How To Create Consistency With A Trading Plan
  • Why Psychology In Trading Is Important?
  • The Importance Of Rules In Trading
  • Rule 1
  • Rule 2
  • Rule 3
  • Drawdown Risk
  • Emotional Instability In Trading
  • Trading: An Emotional Negative Sum Game

Module 3 – Risk Management

Even the best strategies can eventually blow an account if they are not integrated with strict Financial management principles. In this lesson, you’ll learn a watertight risk management regime.

  • Capital Protection: Your Safety Net
  • Stop Losses
  • Trailing Stop Losses
  • The Tenet Of Trading 
  • Position Sizing
  • Plan the trade, trade the plan
  • Maximum Risk Per Trade – Drawdown Risk
  • Building A Cash Buffer
  • Capping Your Exposure To 1% Account Risk Per Currency At Any Given Time
  • Mastering The Skill, Saving Cash And Backing Yourself. Don’t Dabble.
  • If You’re Being Margin Called, You’re Doing It Wrong.
  • Avoiding NFP (Swing traders). Avoiding high impact news (Day traders).
  • Use A Printed Checklist. Rectify Mistakes Immediately.
  • Kit up! Get the tools you need.


Module 4 – Technical Analysis

We use Technical Analysis for one purpose: To identify when and where the collective market mind is likely to set order clusters. In identifying these areas, we may act on the side of probability and find an edge.

  • Technical Analysis: The Study Of Price Movements
  • The Mechanics of Price
  • Fearful When Others Are Greedy, And Greedy When Others Are Fearful
  • Principle 1: Looking For Oscillating Markets. Avoiding Indecisive Markets
  • Principle 2: Market Phases: Runs And Pullbacks
  • Principle 3: Buy Off Support, Sell Into Resistance
  • Principle 4: Using Indicators
  • Principle 5: Price Patterns – Always look for a break and re-test
  • Principle 6: Candlesticks And Candlestick Patterns
  • Combining All Of The Principles


Module 5: Financial Brokers

In this lesson, you’ll enjoy an eye-opening glimpse into the world of financial brokers. It is wise to know both the altruistic and narcissistic agendas of your broker so you can act methodically and objectively.

  • Brokers: What They Are And How They Work
  • The Difference Between Stock Brokers And Forex Brokers
  • Broker Diversification And The Truth About Brokers
  • How Brokers Operate: A Book Vs. B Book
  • How To Choose A Stockbroker
  • How To Choose A Forex Broker
  • Registering Your Broker Accounts
  • Learn About The Platform
  • Creating A Watchlist
  • What Are Spreads And How Do They Work?
  • Understanding Your Transaction Costs
  • Trade Timeframes
  • Types Of Orders


Module 6: Trading an Edge

It is crucial to your long-term success to understand exactly how, when and why you have an edge in the market. Knowing your numbers allows you to realistically align your expectations for profitable investing.

  • Introduction
  • Probability Models In Trading
  • The Coin Toss
  • Having An Edge
  • Risk Appetite 
  • Game Of Luck
  • Using The Law of Large Numbers
  • How Casinos Come Out on Top
  • What Will the Euro Do Next?
  • Trading With Probabilities
  • Trading Profitability Models
  • Trading With An Edge
  • The Mind Game Is The Trading Game.
  • When To Change Your Trading Routine
  • Understanding How Markets Work
  • How You Can Still Lose With A Profitable Strategy


Module 7 – Mindset

Our goal is not only to teach you Trading mechanics – that would be an incomplete teaching. The purpose of Wealthy Woman is to ensure you also have the mental framework to become a financial master.

  • The Importance Of A Positive Mindset
  • Success Leaves Clues
  • Your Beliefs Are Your Choice
  • Your Beliefs Shape The Way You Experience Life
  • Your Beliefs About Trading Affect Your Profitability
  • Your Beliefs About Money Affect Your Ability To Make It
  • Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs
  • Installing Empowering Beliefs
  • Persisting Through Any Degree Of Challenge And Struggle
  • The Impact Of Social Influence
  • The Influence Of Media
  • The Rhythm And Polarity Of Thoughts
  • Language Patterns
  • Physiology In Trading
  • Wisdom And Mindset
  • Identity Planning


Model 8 – Goal Setting

Without having a goal to shoot for, it’s extremely difficult to score in the game of life. In this module, we’ll take you through an 8-step goal setting routine that could Enhance Your Skills.

  • Introduction
  • Setting Goals
  • What results Would You Like To See?
  • Acting As If
  • Adding Vision To Your Financial Goal
  • Manifesting
  • Have A Plan
  • Loving Your Goals
  • Protecting Your Goals
  • Knowing Your Paradigm
  • Thought Frequency – Watching Your Thoughts 
  • Staying On Track: Avoiding Shiny Ball Syndrome
  • Living Off The Eggs. Don’t Kill The Goose

Model 9 – Journaling

If you don’t measure it, you won’t master it. Journaling allows you to track your performance, stay focused and optimize output. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to analyse and take responsibility for your results.

  • Introduction
  • Three Basic Principles
  • Recording Trading Information
  • Software For Journaling
  • How Often Should You Journal?
  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Advanced Self Review (ASR)
  • Keeping high-quality trading records


Strategy 1 – Passive Investing

If you employ only one financial strategy in Wealthy Woman, employ this one. The information in this lesson Is The Content That The Pro’s Use To Invest In A Semi-Passive Manner.

  • Introduction
  • Playing The Long Game
  • Time Is Ticking: Do You Have The Patience
  • Master your mind. Master your finances.
  • Order Of Operation: Building Your Legacy
  • Eradicating Debt
  • Speculation Vs. Investment
  • The Power Of Index Funds And Portfolio Diversification
  • Letting The Haters Hate
  • Everyone Has An Opinion
  • Your Financial Thermostat
  • Growing Your Legacy
  • The “All Weather/All Seasons” Strategy
  • It’s Just Too Complicated
  • Still Too Complicated
  • Methods Of Diversification
  • Segregating And Allocating Investments
  • The Hard Work’s Done
  • Pyramid Balancing Process
  • The 3 Potential Outcomes
  • Portfolio Balancing
  • Importance Of Cash Foundations
  • Index Funds For Passive Investing
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Strategy 2 – Forex Trends

Forex Trends is a trend trading strategy designed to identify significant psychological turning points based on the 6 principles of technical analysis. Performance and returns are optimal during trending markets.

  • Introduction
  • Strategy Acquisition And Development: The Chocolate Cake
  • Time Zones And Trading Hours
  • Minimum Entry Criteria
  • Preferred Analysis: 1 – 4
  • Qualitative Analysis: 1 – 4
  • Deciding Which Pairs To Trade
  • Types Of Orders
  • Trade Management
  • Examples Of Trades
  • Getting Results With This Strategy
  • Strategy Summary


Strategy 3 – Forex Reversals

Forex Reversals covers all the bases in speculative technical trading. It can be effectively employed to catch both trend and counter-trend market phases. This makes it one of the most versatile trading systems available.

  • Introduction
  • Time Zones And Trading Hours
  • Minimum Entry Criteria
  • Preferred Analysis 1 – 4
  • Qualitative Analysis: 1 – 4
  • Deciding Which Pairs To Trade
  • Types Of Orders
  • Trade Management
  • Social Approval: Repetitive Patterns
  • Your Individual Trading Personality
  • Examples Of Trades
  • Trading Forex Trends & Forex Reversals


Model 10 – Moving Forward

Welcome to the final lesson of our initial teachings. We’ll take a look at some of the major principals we’ve covered during the course and discuss what lies next in the pursuit of your most inspiring goals and ambitions.

  • Congratulations, You Made It!
  • How To Fit Trading Around A Busy Schedule
  • Self-Mastery
  • Choosing An Amount To Start Trading With
  • Wise Budgeting And Financial Management
  • Managing Time
  • The More You Succeed, The More We Succeed
  • Using Premium Charting Software
  • Succeeding As A Trader
  • Burning The Bridge Behind You
  • Reviews Mean A Lot To Us!
  • Time To Get Started

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